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I’ve never met a person that can tell me exactly what it is about Shawshank Redemption that makes them love it so much. They just love it. I actually believe now that there is no combination words that i can use to describe this movie. So this will be short, simple, and to the po… read moreint.

Tim Robbins encapsulates us. He is what we believe ourselves to be. The innocent who is made guilty. The man with only hope. The undying hope of self-salvation. We hope that if we were in his case we could be Andy Dufresne. We HOPE. Morgan Freeman, with is powerful and mezmarizing voice, has us listen to the story of two men, one being himself (Red) and the other being Andy Dufresne. We listen, and we feel. It’s so hard not to feel while watching these lives change and mold before our eyes. You don’t stop listening or feeling until it’s over, and even then you feel as though the story is still happening, that you must hear it, you must never let it go.

Bob Gunton makes us rage, Morgan Freeman makes us listen, James Whitmore makes us cry, and Tim Robbins makes us hope.

That is what is so powerful about this movie. It’s not that the direction, writing, and acting are all so powerfully brilliant and perfect. No it’s not that, though that does help. It’s the fact that you feel so heavily, and you get so involved in the lives of these men that you invest your time, and your emotion, and your HOPE into their lives.

That’s what’s so amazing about Shawshank Redemption. Though I will tell you the acting (which is superb) the direction (which is tasteful and of epic proportion) and writing (which stuns you and makes you feel) all help the movie along quite a bit.